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Our motto is pure and simple - four words:

Seems like something easy to do, but often, the right things are just not done. We all know what the right things are, but we don’t always do them, do we?


(you can stop here, but if you don't mind my rant, read on)

America is where she is now. Not only are we the biggest consumer of the world's natural resources, we are also the bully of the world. While most of us sit at home being told that we are “the good guys” and victims of terrorism, the world knows differently. Criminal enterprise within our own government manufactures “incidences” and lies to justify wars and aggression against foreign nations, so as to fulfill their insatiable desire for power, control and world dominance, as well as justification to continue funneling billions and billions of taxpayers’ money into their military industrial complex and personal wealth. These criminals went as far as murdering our own citizens, to create mass fear and a perpetual need for “more” security.


Anyone decent who comes along and go against this corrupt culture is at risk.  No one is safe, even if you are guarded by the secret service (can you spell "JFK"?).  The terror is within. 


Think we have turned a new leaf now that Bush and Cheney are gone?  Think again.


Whereas most of us think we live in a democracy, an open society with a free press, we are in reality, lemmings. The "free press” or mainstream media are controlled by large corporations subservient to a corrupt government with a secret agenda.  They stay silent to the truth and deliver propaganda scripted and doled out by these criminals.  The American public is therefore kept in the dark.  By way of the "Patriot Act", we unwittingly gave away our civil liberties and rights of privacy for an illusion of security.  Ordinary citizens facing monumental challenges and problems like high unemployment, small companies shutting down, people losing their homes.


Americans are becoming the unhealthiest people of the world with the highest percentage of obesity.  Our lives are managed by greedy corporations - they control what we see, what we hear, what we know.  We know little about what's really in our food and water because it is not in their corporate interest for us to know the truth.

How did we get here?

Because many people, at some point, simply chose not to do the right things.
They know what the right things are, you bet. But they chose not to do them.


So what the hell does this have to do with a hamburger joint on wheels?

We may not be able to change America. But we have control on what we do in our little realm. Not only do we have control, we are responsible for what we do.

BUNS will “do the right thing”. But what does that mean??

We sell food to the public. the right thing is to offer a commodity that is clean, fresh, and free of chemicals, preservatives and genetically modified food..

Cows are ruminants. They have four stomachs. They are meant to eat grass. The right thing is to get our beef from grass-fed cattle in free range farms. We won’t support cattle “factories” that corn-fed their cows in cages, so they will grow twice as fast, but live sad, unhealthy lives – just for the sake of higher profits.

The right thing is to source our ingredients, as much as possible, from local sources. Not only will this help support our local economy (which in turn, supports “us”), this also reduces the load on trucking products long distance, which creates more greenhouse gas.

This right thing is to scrutinize every single component that we put in our food, down to the salt we use, to make sure that it is the cleanest and purest available, and to make those findings available.

The right thing is to treat every single customer as our “guest”. They exist so we exist. We will treat all of them courteously and respectfully. We will cook their food “correctly”, and with proper hygiene. We will treat each order like it is for our own families.

The right thing is to price our menu items reasonably. Our guests expect us to make a profit, and they are willing to pay a little more for a better burger. But we don’t overcharge our guests just because we can.

The right thing is to recycle as much as we can and use compostable products. Do our parts in keeping the earth green. After all, we are all "inhabitants" on earth, we really don't "own" it, and so we have no rights to destroy it.

The right thing for us in management is to treat every single employee with respect and fairness. We will pay everyone a reasonable wage that commensurate with our profits, and we will care for and provide our employees with benefits to as much as we can afford. Our employees are our faces to the public; they are our ambassadors to the world. When they are happy, our guests are happy too.

Would BUNS doing the right things make any difference in this world that we are in?  Hell no. But it has to start somewhere. If we don't do the right things, we cannot expect others to.

We believe that this will be a better world if each one of us does a few more of “the right things”. Don’t you?




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