Is BUNS a chain?

No we are not a chain.  We started in August 2010 and this is our first unit.  If we are loved we may be adding more units to the lineup.


Is the crack on the BUNS logo intentional?


You bet.  When we were developing the concept back in 2009 we ran an international logo design competition.  We received over 360 entries from 42 countries around the world.  Our logo is the winning entry.


How are our burgers cooked?


Our chicken fillets are pre-baked in our kitchen to 100% doneness and charbroiled on our grill per order.


Our veggie and salmon patties are charbroiled per order from frozen to 100% doneness.


Our beef patties come fresh, they are charbroiled on our grill to medium-well (no pink) by default.  They can be cooked less by special request, but health code requires us to state that "hamburgers cooked rare, medium rare, medium or pink in the middle may be undercooked and the consumption of raw beef may result in foodborne illness".   


How clean are food trucks? 


We take food safety very seriously as we designed BUNSmobile to allow our guests to see the interior and the cooking process as much as possible to dispel the "roach coach" stigma.  We are also inspected by King County health inspectors on a regular basis.


How do we avoid cross-contamination in such tight quarters?


This is our system:

BUNS operates with a minimum of 3 employees: 2 cooks and one cashier.

One cook on the RED side handles the raw meat and never touch the ready-to-serve products.

One cook on the GREEN side handles all the vegetables and building the burgers and never touch the raw meat.

In addition, both cooks wear clean, disposable gloves at all time.

The cashier handles the boxes and never touch any of the food. 


Why do our prices seem high?


Our niche is "gourmet natural burgers" so we use only top quality, natural, organic ingredients.  So our cost of goods is much higher than the typical fast food restaurant.  Our prices are also honest. You cou't find the same amount of juicy grass-fed meat in any of the restuarants out there in this price range. It is a unique fine dinning experience on the street!


We may serve your food fast, but we ain't fast food.


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