BUNS Gourmet Natural Burgers

Frequently asked questions about employment

What do we do?
If you have not figured this out by now, this is probably not the right job for you.

Are we like a taco truck that drives from place to place?
No, we stay at one location per "shift". a shift is either a lunch or a dinner

Are we a chain?
Not at this point, but we are planning on growth

Are we looking for full-time or part-time employees?
We are looking for both

Do we operate year round?
Yes, other than extreme weather

What benefits do we offer?
We plan to take good care of our employees and offer as many benefits as possible as the business matures, at this point - all employees eat for free

Do we have uniforms?
Oh yeah, put clothes on.

What are some of the qualities we are looking for?
-Food service experience (front or back of house)
-Kitchen / culinary experience
-Proficiency in basic web/email usage
-People skills - cheerful, happy personality
-Unafraid to work in an outdoor environment
-Ability to follow rules and procedures
-Believes in food safety

What are the job descriptions?

These are examples of job descriptions (not comprehensive)


Kitchen Prep Person

(see link)

Fry Cook 1
Cook (charbroil) the food / deep fry the french fries

Fry Cook 2
Assemble the burgers / complete the orders

Take orders and payments / deliver orders to guests

All Employees
All employees have the responsibility to clean up after each shift

I am interested, how do i apply?
Job application instructions:

1) Understand who we are by going through our web site
2) Review the frequently asked questions
3) Download the job application
4) Complete job application and either scan and email to: jobs@buns.ws. If you have a résumé and or photo, you are welcomed to attach it to your completed job application.

When will i get a call? When will the interview start?
We are reviewing the applicants as they come in and you should be getting an email to schedule the interview

Why do i have to fill out your job application? Isn't my résumé good enough?
There are many reasons:

1) We have received a large number of applicants ever since we put the word out. in order to efficiently review all the applications and compare apple to apple, we must have a standardized format.
2) There are questions on our application specific to our operations that we need to know.
3) Maybe because of the poor economy, there are a large number of people spamming every employer with their electronic résumé, some applications we received has nothing to do with food service. We are not only hiring new employees, we are hiring our leaders for tomorrow, we want to hire people who want to work and grow with us, not just those who just want a job, therefore we feel that if someone does not even bother to expend the energy to fill out a simple 2-page application, they are not right for us.
4) We feel that our success will come from a perfected operating system with set procedures and methods, even though we welcome creativity, the ability to follow instructions is essential to all of the jobs. You are not right for this if you are unable or unwilling to follow some simple instructions.

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